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Identity Crises Take Over Modern Family.

Modern Family April 10 2017

Stolen identities and unwanted personality traits rear their hilarious heads in a double episode of Modern Family tonight at 7.30pm on TEN.

Frank's bachelor party gives Phil a chance to meet his new stepbrother. While he pulls out all stops to make sure his dad's night is full of surprises, Phil may be in for a surprise of his own.

Cam is outraged that someone is dragging Fizbo's name through the mud, especially on the night of the all-important bowling championships. As Cam sets off to restore his beloved clown persona's name, his focus on the big game is thrown into disarray.

Manny's new play for the young playwright festival is met with some criticism from the women in his life when he invites them for a read-through before he submits it. Realising the play hits a little too close to home, Gloria, Claire and Haley give him a piece of their minds.

Click below for a sneak peek at tonight's Modern Family.

Modern Family.
Double Episode Tonight At 7.30pm.

Harvey Norman

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